Monday, January 10, 2005

Like the blinking clock on a VCR

So last night the power got knocked out in my house. Subsequently, I just opened my eyes at 7:20 instead of opening them at 6:00am. I opened them to a completely gray and nasty morning that truly belongs to the people of Seattle.

I am a native San Diegan. I do not take that fact for granted. I am grateful for every January day that hovers around 70 degrees. I am ecstatic for every Christmas spent in shorts. I am SO OVER THE GODDAMN RAIN!

I am getting depressed, and my limited surfing skills don't allow me to tackle the larger surf, and there hasn't been any sun for days.

Now I know I'm lucky that I don't live in Alaska where there is almost eternal night this time of year, I am more than lucky I was not born in coastal South East Asia, I understand that if this is the worst thing I have to whine about my life is pretty damn good. And it is.

But I am getting depressed and I need some sunshine.


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