Monday, January 03, 2005

Personal Questions

So I was asked randomly yesterday what my New Years Resolutions were.

I found that to be a really personal question. I mean, what it appear to be saying is:
" What do you find in need of improvement about yourself?"

I recognize the ridiculousness of this line of thinking given that in my last entry I listed resolutions. But still, sharing with the interweb's random stranger who may or may not actually find this random little site is a lot less personal than telling my best friends sister the things I think are wrong with me.

In other news,
I am considering flying off to London at the end of February with a complete stranger. How much crazy do I posess? I like to take full ownership of my crazy. At least then I know it isn't coming from little green men because I took my tinfoil hat off.

This random male stranger replied to the fact that I was weighing personal safety vs adventure with an anecdote about traveling with a complete stranger before and having a great experience. I find this strangely comforting. If he had nefarious plans he would have talked about how trustworthy he was instead of telling me about how he had done it before and he had a great time. Of course he had a great time. From his physical description to me he is almost 200lbs and 6'5"; unless the girl he traveled to San Francisco with was a ninja he never really had to worry about his personal safety, or what she might do to him if they shared a hotel room.

And so just because he never thought of himself as a physical threat to me, or even considered that might be what I was talking about -- I am strangely comforted.

We are having dinner tomorrow night at a lame ass chain restuarant where there is nothing I will eat. I let him pick to make him comfortable not really thinking about the fact that I hate this lame ass chain restuarant until just now.

I won't name the restuarant because I don't want to get sued like Oprah did by the beef industry. Clearly I am thinking ahead to when my silly little ramblings are visited with as much frequecy as:

Delusions of Granduer.
I don't think I spelled that right.


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