Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Joint Locking with the Grand Master

Is the title of the post above:
a) something my brother Kevin does
b) a weird breakdance with member of the SugarHill Gang
c) an eastern style alterniative medicine akin to accupuncture?

Those who answer this question correctly will get an autographed picture of their choice from my flickr photostream.

In other news,

I had the most fabulous time with Krys and Kayla and Trey this weekend. Everyone should go to the Natural History Museum's exhibit about chocolate. Something I learned while there:
The demand for sugar became so pronounced because of the discovery of Chocolate in Europe that it was a huge contributor of slavery in the Americas. How's that for taking the sweet out of your favorite treat?

I found it hilarous that when Krys referred to Neil in her post on her live Journal she just called him "the person who introduced me and Michelle." How's that for putting you in your place Neilder?

A Miller Lite beer has 120 calories per bottle. If you should happen to drink almost two cases over the course of your weekend you end up both dehydrated and bloated. That is 5,670 calories. How's that for the healthiest diet ever?

It is Wednesday and today I am hanging with Nate G, and his mother. Going to get stretched in Pilates, climbing some rock walls just for fun and then cooking dinner for my Sailor Boy. How's that for a kickass day?



Blogger neilderbeast said...

I was already happily in my place, but that put some caulk around the edges.

7:11 AM  
Blogger neilderbeast said...

Oh, and (a). I'll wait patiently by my mailbox.

7:12 AM  

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