Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Six Degrees of Jealousy

So I slept on it. Just to clarify my thoughts. It didn't go away.

I still don't think that asking the questions I asked was out of line. Had I done the thing you thought I would, I would have been out of line. But I didn't.
Just because I get jealous doesn't mean that somewhere down the line I'll tell you you can't see women who are friends.

That just isn't me. It never has been, even when I knew I was being lied to. If I had been that girl maybe I wouldn't have spent 10 years getting walked on. But I kept putting someone else's needs and wants above my own. That is the girl I am, deep down.

But since I get jealous, have no security, and aren't in a committed relationship my right to protect myself by asking a few questions isn't going to get set aside. Deal with it.

We aren't to the place where I trust you automatically. You say trust needs to be earned. Well then answer my few questions, and earn it. Getting freaked out because I asked you two questions about your realtionship with Danielle isn't any more reasonable. What you are afraid of happening may never materialize, so don't assume it will. I'm already dropping that assumption about you.


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