Thursday, March 17, 2005

To sleep, perchance to dream

So my racuous Vegas convention schedule has come to an end. I learned many things.
  • I learned that I can drink about 9 mixed drinks, without being too drunk to navigate a casino and get myself to bed. I also learned that after 9 drinks I do not have the coordination to take my shoes off at said bed, or pull down the covers.
  • I learned that sleep is a luxury that I am only now not taking for granted but it is possible for me to go over 24 hours without having so much as a nap. At the end of the 27th hour I will become completely hysterical at airports while bickering with Jeremy Hirsch.
  • I learned I am a damn hot dancer and the world better watch out. (modest too)
  • I learned that VIP is the way to go.
  • I learned to pack flat shoes for walking around at the convention and save the sexy mama shoes for the evenings out.
  • I learned that it is possible to find interesting people everywhere and that it would be the best thing ever if I were as friendly as Denyce.

Pictures above.


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