Friday, April 15, 2005

I can tell you taste like the sky becasue you look like rain

Bonus points to anyone at all who knows where that lyric came from.

So it is now officially 1/3 through the year. Time to check in with my silly resolutions and see how I am doing.
1. Finish the kitchen remodeling project I started last year-- I mean really how hard can it be to paint for chrissakes?
Not too hard-- this is not done yet but it will prolly be done within the next 2 months.

2. Make my bed most days.
Ha! right.

3. See more shows. Plays, Music, Comedy etc. Why do I live in a city if I don't take advantage of it?
I did sign up for the summer pops series. Definite progress.

4. Achieve professional goals. (Set out between Maria and I.) I'm also making it a goal to not talk about work here too much. I really hope that leaves me with something to talk about.

Well I seem to have enough to talk about. Work is going well Goal is to achieve presidents circle this year.

5. Go on vacation for at least 2 weeks this year. See goal 4 for the money to be able to do this.
Ok I'm back sliding on this one. I had a vacation and now I don't. I'm thinking Austrlia and New Zealand in the fall. Octoberish.

Wow-- I didn't really set very hard goals did I? I could feel like a bad person for that but instead I think I am going to go to work and make sure the easy goals I set get achieved.



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