Friday, April 22, 2005

OK: Another update

Most promising candidate amongst the ranks in a long time is this man.

less promising candidate include:

SuperDooperDude-- the huge amazingly big guy who probably has a very tiny penis due to his obvious steriod use. In addition to that he was such a winner that he refer to women as fruit. IE:
"I approach the dating scene in the same way I shop for vegetables: I look for the qualities I like, check to make sure they're not spoiled, make sure their not too deeply bruised by some clumbsy-dude who pawed over them before me, and if all checks out, I make room for them in my basket. Anything weird or smelly gets left behind for a less choosey type."

This ANGRY ANGRY MAN who in response to to a question I asked him about where he had been and what he enjoyed seeing there said:
"Prague was a highlight. Sort of like one of those perfectly preserved little hill towns only on an absolutely mind blowing scale, and filled with bizarre curiosities. And there was the Parco Guell in Barcelona with all this strange Gaudi architecture like the inside of a cave or something. Or maybe it was the giant 2000 year old Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul all lit up on a balmy night with little the seagulls swirling around it.God that used to be my life, I go nuts just thinking about it."
See, we were good until the last sentence.

Then there is the recently divorced Navy guy. Holy baggage. Dan told me that lots of Navy men get Dear John letters while being out to sea. This guy's divorce was final 5 months before he was done with deployment. I'm sure he doesn't have any baggage.

On the other hand there is this man:

This guy seems pretty cool. I hope he emails me back. He actually reads which means I could talk about books with him plus he's writing a childrens book whcih sounds so cool I don't even know what to say about it.


Blogger neilderbeast said...

I sure hope he e-mails you back, too; he looks freakin' great.

As payback for me ruining SooperDooperDood for you, I believe he has ruined HSR for me, as whenever I see or hear Strong Mad, I think of him.

Again, that chef could be hot (no pun intended), you might need to check him out. You got yo'self some good ones, grrl!

10:48 AM  

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