Tuesday, April 12, 2005


So I officially have no one to go to Puerta Vallarta with.
I have two choices: Go alone or cancel the trip. Clearly a list needs to be made:

Pro Going alone:
1. Nicole has a friend down there I can meet.
2. I've never been on vacation alone.
3. It could be a really big adventure
4. I might meet some really nice people.

Cons for going alone:
1. I would have to be really cautious about who I met and hung out with.
2. I might get really lonely without anyone to share fun things with.
3. If something happened to me no one would know for days.
4. It makes me feel pretty damn lame that I can't GIVE away a trip to Puerta Vallarta.

Pros for staying:
1.The cost of the hotel would recarpet my bedroom and stairs
2. I could focus on work during the busy season.
3. I'm already going to missouri for 4 days in May which will NOT be a vacation but a high stress thing but it would be more time from work.
4. Maria and I would be able to pull the garage sale off without a hitch.

Cons for staying:
1. I can always work. It never ends.
2. I really wanted to go on vacation.
3. Yeah I can't think of any more.

Whatever. I'll sleep on it. Fucking men anyway.


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