Thursday, June 16, 2005

Have you ever had a moment in time where you realized that you were done with something?

I had such a moment while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith with my good frined and drinking buddy STEVE!.

While Brad and Angie were frantically trying to work out their relationships and also kill eachother I realized that they made me think of Sailor Boy rather than Neil. The lens through which I viewed the movie was tinted with Dan. As such, I was hopeful for them as a couple and wishing they hadn't said such stupid things to eachother and really hoping they wouldn't die.

Had I been looking through the "Neil Lens" I would have been bitter and cynical and a little bit sad to see how something with so much potential had come to nothing. And I would have silently told myself that there is no limit to the damage that one human being can do to another.

Weird-- where did all that negativity go? When did I stop seeing my life in the context of my relationship with Neil? I have the moment when I realized that was true and I guess that is the next best thing, to know I am over it.

PLUS Angelina Jolie is so fucking hot I had to be physically restrained from running down the stairs and licking her image on the screen. Seriously.



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