Saturday, June 11, 2005

Waking Up Saturday Morning

Oh my god.
The worst thing about waking up hung over, is the feeling that you have no idea what happened last night. The worst feeling about waking up next to someone hung over, is that they want to now what the hell happened last night? -- Right Dan?


So yesterday I had a day that was incredibly boring and unproductive. In fact, I had a really crappy day where I realized:
  1. I wasn't going to make any money any time soon.
  2. that I actually needed to seriously take that fact seriously.
  3. that I needed to work every goodamn weekend.
  4. That there was no fun in my future.

No whining right about now. You do what you have to do. But no fun? That isn't really how I structured my life to be. And while I am stupid happy, because there is this werid , ahem, relationship thing right now, fun and laughs are two things, I require. Life is too short.

So to deal with this feeling I drank A LOT OF RUM AND COKES.

Can I tell you what a bad idea that was? Can I say I have no memory of going to bed last night, how I got there, what I said or did before I got there. And the great person on the other side of the bed assures me that I didn't do anything BAD:per se, but that he had no idea where that person came from.


And so now I can't go back to sleep imagining all the awful things I could have said, while my head pounds and my tongue feels like it needs a transplant.


And since I am not the next great american writer, I can't use this experience for my novel, or learn anything from it except not to drink rum and cokes when you have an exceptionally bad day and when you are nervous about meeting someones older brother who is unpredictable to say the least.

Well that is a lesson in itself. Fuck.



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