Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Moving In

It's been awhile.

Sailor Boy and I are moving in together. The consequences of which could be fabulous and they could be dire.

I like saying the consequences could be dire-- it's so much drama.

The way he puts it is "I think it'll be cool, it will either make us or break us."
He is a man of few words.

I have no idea how to live with a person again. I was so aggressive in carving out my own space in my own house and now I need to make room, both in my heart and in my home for someone. I suppose it is making room in my heart for him that is worse. I seem to have forgotten the lines when it comes to being in a relationship. I have forgotten how to consider my significant other. I got really used to being single. Now I know how men can feel like they are being trapped, well a little bit. But I guess I'm happy to be trapped which is one of the things that makes me female. I'm walking into the cage and will probably pull the bars shut and lock them on myself.



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