Thursday, September 15, 2005

Growing Pains

Well-- I was going to leave this blog and make my mom think that she broke it by commenting, which was just plain mean. So I'm back.

Work rocks.
Sailor Boy and I jam, not rock, but I'm not into the big hair thing anyway.
The grass in my backyard is the best thing ever and pictures have been posted to my flickr page.

Upcoming events I might see some of you at:

Phoenix in two weekends
Fulsom Ren Faire October something
New York first weekend or second weekend in November with Steve! We are going to go to Spamalot, I am going to do some Christmas shopping while he works and if you see us at any bar feel free to come up and say hello. We don't bite and if I do I promise you'll like it.

Sailor Boy and I are working some stuff out. He moved in. It was not all hearts and stars and flowers. ( why oh why can't life be like a bowl of lucky charms?)
But after spending some quality time at Red Lobster discussing our communication issues we might possibly have turned a corner. I'm hoping. He's good and I love him.

Ok just wanted this space not to be too old un-updated. I know, not a word.



Anonymous Michelle's mom said...

I knew I didn't break your blog, that was a myth. Have fun in Nueva York. BTW I am sending your brother something tacky for his birthday. Love Mom

12:18 PM  

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