Thursday, November 10, 2005


So I'm in the car, listening to my fathers liberal talk radio station. And I, not for the first time, realize I was dating a racist, sexist, slightly homophobic republican. And now I'm slightly dperessed that it didn't work out?

so on my list of deal breakers I need to add racism and sexism and homophobia. It never would have occured to me that I would have had to put those on the list, but clearly I was willing to chalk those up to "differences" of opinion rather than absolutely indefensible opinions.

OK so I suppose I should be glad I didn't end up with someone with those views for longer than 9 months. When Krys said after meeting him
" You won't be with him 9 years." I was a little bit annoyed, not too much, but I've got thin skin. Now all I'm thinking is,

Thank God.

This is where the party ends I can't stand here listening to you and your racist friend...

I feel like a hypocrite talking to you and your racist friend...

Thank God indeed.



Anonymous Robert said...

Yeah, that stuff is fairly common. If you really want to see fur fly and waves part date an African American. I'll tell you I found out who my friends were. The disgusting things people said to me when he died completely changed my ability to take people at face value.

Hey, They Might Be Giants, yes? I love the idea of "countless screaming Argonauts" They are excellent.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Michelle's mom said...

Well, all I can say, is good riddance. You don't need baggage like a racist, sexist, homophobic boyfriend. Good riddance indeed. Never settle for less than the best Michelle, there is someone out there for you.

Love Mom

8:18 AM  

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