Monday, November 07, 2005

So I'm watching BBC news...

And amidst all the coverage for the riots in France there is a small segment about some study that shows that it is easier to break out of poverty in Europe than in America.

I'm not into the rant thing.

But do you think that this is caused by:
A: Massive social systems that allow people opportunities but are paid for by astronomical taxes ( this theory also know as redistribution of wealth)

B. Pervasive racism and social mores that value "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" more than they value people?


In other news:
I woke up this morning coughing. Whatever is going on with my voice has finally decided to come out of my throat. I'm just glad that whatever I have, isn't like Alien or else the dark of this morning would have been much less pleasant than the 45 minutes of hacking and spitting.

I am finally going to New York as an (ahem) adult. I will be visiting STEVE! during December so I can remind myself why people choose to live in Southern California. And so I can check out the city decorated for Christmas and see SPAMALOT and hang with a great friend, drink way too much red wine, and hopefully eat lots of good food.

Dan and I are officially over. Finally, some of you are saying. What the hell did you see in him? Well I saw a really honest, funny guy, who was the best sex of my life.
Blinded by the sex, it could happen to anybody.

The moral of the story is that sex cannot overcome dating aman who has problems with emotional intimacy on that scale.

Of course the fact we moved in too fast and then I got so insecure I could have been called "crazy" didn't help either.

Live and Learn.



Anonymous Robert said...

Interesting study. I haven't much experience Europe-wise. I do think that there are benefits to Universal Health Care. Many of the poor in America suffer due to lack of adequate medical care. Medicine itself is prohibitively expensive. How would the situation be if everyone could get the Medication and treatment they needed? People are prospering in many countries that have "astronomical" taxes.
In terms of "Pulling oneself by the bootstraps" I don't know of anyone who has made it alone. But I know of many who, having made it find that phrase handy. European cultures tend to value the extended family in ways many Americans don't. I'm of the opinion that the culture we live in is extremely conscious of personal prestige and possessions at the expense of relationships. That makes it difficult for people to rise above their situation.
I'm sorry to hear about your breakup, you deserve better I'm sure.

2:41 PM  

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