Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Like a butterfly, the wild butterfly, I will collect you and capture you...

So I'm walking in J.C. Penny's today on my way to the glasses store-- which is entirely financed by me, care of Maggie, the dog who loves to eat my glasses-- and I looked over at the men's dressing room.

Some past person in my life would know what dressing room I am refering to. It is the dressing room where he got distracted by an employee knocking over a rack and then he couldn't, well, you know...
(Sorry Mom, I know you read this.)

Anyway, when I glanced at the dressing room I felt that smile come to my face, the smile I got when I propsed the , ahem, distraction. And I walked on a little bit more swing to my hips and bounce to my step. Really because, for just a second, I felt that dangerous and naughty and "ohmigod we are soooo going to get caught" all over again.

But to complete my trip down memory lane, while in Sephora, I smelled the bottle of Obsession. And there was Bryan in all his, too goth for you glory, right there all wrapped up in the scent. All I needed was the leather smell from his jacket and the cigarette smell from his Camel's and I would have been able to touch him. God, he was beautiful. God, he was an idiot.

Funny how things do that to you. Isn't it?

Despite my grevious boyfriend errors, ( let's be honest I mainly date assholes who treat me like shit even though they are basically good people at heart... ) I am glad I have a collection of sense memories like that.
The sound of breathing in my hair late at night
The smell of cigarettes
The way his chest had that cool concavity that collected the sweat from our bodies
The way they held my hand, or hugged.

Everyone has something good to remember about them. Hopefully I can be the kind of person who leaves more than one good memory.


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