Monday, January 30, 2006

I do not find it surprising that men don't understand women.

I don't get it.

One second I'm excited and the next I'm, well, not even interested.

The past few years of dating have taught me that nothing makes any sense. Least of all my own reactions.

I don't really believe in a perfect person out there just for me. But when that "spark" or "chemistry" is gone I can't get it back.

Big Sigh.


Anonymous Robert said...

OK this may sound wacky but I believe that there are two HUGE clues to the potential of a prospective partner.

1. If their touch, even occasionally, unintentionally tickles it will never work in the long run. This is not to say that if they tickle you (with consent) it is doomed but you know that kind of tickly touch that just doesn't feel right? Thats it.

2. If you can forsee a situation where you'd rather that the person maybe not participate. I mean if the idea of them meeting a dear friend of yours makes you get that embarrassed cringe that when you even consider it you don't feel right. If that happens it will always be there. And if they do embarrass themselves and don't know it but you do? Don't bother. It is hard to forget embarrassment and hard to trust once it has happened.

Of course these are my own observations, hopefully I haven't embarrassed myself! LOL

But this is true, if they have that gleam in the eye and you think of them constantly in every way? Grab em. When it is supposed to happen it will. Don'tch hate that?
Uncle B

4:43 AM  

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