Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pros vs. Cons

OK-- I have compiled the list of things I like about my new house and things I don't.
I know you are waiting with bated breath...

More space. -- larger office, guest room, vaulted ceilings, extra bathroom.
Better yard. two levels, fruit trees, patio and grass with a view.
Better Layout. seperate living and dining areas.
View of sunrise and sunset ( in a limited fashion).
Attached garage.
Much better Vons in this area.

This kitchen is idiototic.
The bedrooms are dark and I sleep later than I used to.
Nowhere to walk to in this part of suburbia.
Crappy freeway access. I mean I'm close to the 94 but is that really an advantage?

So in general I feel I have made a pretty good choice. BUT I wish my good choice were in Kensington.

No regrets, what's the point?


Anonymous Robert said...

Kensington? I always wanted to live in that part of town. I still have the completely impossible idea that when the time comes and I can't take the cold anymore we'll move to San Diego and get one of those little Kensington Moorish/Spanish bungalows on the canyon. Never happen but it is a nice thought.
Uncle B

4:32 AM  
Blogger Chelle in San Diego said...

Well I do know a good real estate agent if you want to buy down here. GRIN.

San Diego is silly expensive. Did you notice that I have a guest room now? next Chargers season you and Glen need to come down -- I can get us comped tickets to the game. C'mon-- free place to stay, free football, it's a win -win situation.


9:57 AM  

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